11 Most Popular Nail Polish Colors This Season

nails pastel multi

The nail polish colors perfect for the season are mostly subdued tones that suggest a charming and playful look. Bold and attractive hues are still in, but it’s reserved for those trying to make a bold statements.

nails pastel bluePastel blue. What’s great about pastel colors is their versatility. The neutral milky tone like in pastel blue goes well with different styles of dresses and accessories.



nails plumPlum. A warm and inviting color, plum on your fingernails attracts good energy as the weather slowly warms up. It’s not too dark for a sunny day and not too light at night.




nails brownBrown. Pair this with pink and see how these two colors complement each other. The shade of brown matches any skin tone and turns it into a beautiful and attractive color.



nails lilacLilac. Give your look a boost this season and throw in a touch of style with lilac. It’s calming appeal can give a slight hint of girly fun and attitude.



nails pink greenPink. When you say pink, it should have a loose and attractive pop to it. That’s what makes this color elicit attitude. Mix this one with another bold color and go crazy with it.




nails periw ombrePeriwinkle. This color is a good substitute for pastel colors that are a bit brighter than usual. Add some creative nail art with this as the base for a poppy look.




nails navyNavy. If you want to keep it classy with dark colors but you want to stay away from black and burgundy, navy is the best choice. This one has a chic flavor with a touch of sophistication.




nails whiteWhite. An opaque white nail polish is a good base for colorful and playful nail art designs. Just make sure the shade doesn’t look heavy on the tip.




nails lav grayLavender-gray. This interesting mix gives new life to the traditional gray. There’s a bit of transition to pastel colors but the muted look keeps a low-key look.


nails redRed. Choose red and make a bold statement with your nails. It’s like the red lipstick that goes with anything sexy to wear. This classic has been chosen by many and it never fails to deliver.




nails orangeOrange. The contrast orange creates on your skin color will have a tanning effect. Put them on and see a combination of warm and cool tones all in the same piece.



nails pastel stripe

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