11 Hilarious Pictures Of “Cat Logic” That Will Brighten Your Day!

Being a pet owner is an adventure. Every day (and sometimes in the dead of night) things happen that make you stand back and think “what is wrong with my little fluffy?!” The great thing about our animals is that they all think differently. They have personalities and quirks just like humans do, and no two animals are alike. But even with these differences, they must have picked up these traits somewhere along the way…because some of the funniest moments are universal for animals like cats!

THIS is a problem that is especially annoying in the winter time! I will never understand why cats have the constant desire to be both inside and outside at the same time. Maybe this is a cat’s version of walking into a room and forgetting the reason. Maybe it’s a game to the cat. I’m sure scientists have a pretty good explanation, but in the middle of the night, I just find myself not caring all that much.


Have you experienced this? I’m eating some food on the couch, watching a movie, minding my own business, when suddenly the cat’s sixth sense activates. He then sits next to me, nudges my hand, and meows insistently at the plate of food for minutes. He doesn’t let up. He just keeps meowing until I drop a little piece of food next to him. And then he pretends not to see it, even when I point it out over and over. What was all of that meowing for if you didn’t even want it, kitty?!


This is my biggest problem with cats. I am not your personal bowl-shaker when it gets empty in the middle! That little space in the middle of your bowl does not, in fact, mean that the world is ending, kitty.


Here’s a great tip: buy furniture the color of your pet’s hair. Wait, is that too crazy? My animals are not allowed on the furniture…but when I get home from work, there is a suspicious amount of white hair all over one of the cushions! They don’t roll around and shed on their own pillows, but something about the couch makes them want to rub themselves until their fur gets embedded into the cushions.


This cat is so focused on his balloon that the rest of the world (and obviously physics) no longer exist. I wish this owner had taken an “after” picture! I want to be sure that kitty is okay!


This is the truth. What is it about house plants that drives cats nuts? Hopefully, your cat doesn’t feel the constant urge to attack the innocent household foliage just for existing.


Do you get startled by these random bursts of energy as well? I’m not sure what possessed the cat to bolt in and around all of the open rooms in the house, but he sure does do it loudly! I feel like cats and dogs do this…cats just do it much more often!


Why do our pets do this?! Is the plush carpet just so much more fun to vomit on? Is it comforting to feel the soft fibers under your paws while you are violently sick? Maybe it’s instinct to vomit on a soft area. As soon as I hear that familiar heaving noise, it becomes a race to get to my pets before they spew on the carpet. I’d say half the time, I make it. The other half…well, time to get out the carpet cleaner…


Does this make sense to anyone else? Homes with more than one cat find this happening much too often. Come on kitties, just…move! It’s not that hard!


Alright. Does somebody need glasses?! What is the point of this nonsense…


And finally, I have saved the best for last. STOP EATING SO FAST, KITTY! I feed my animals twice a day, but this doesn’t stop them from inhaling their food the moment the bowl is set in front of them. What does this cause? Vomiting or dry heaving, usually. After a few months of this ridiculous back-and-forth, I bought a bowl that has an obstacle to try and calm them down. It works most of the time. I will never understand this mad rush to eat all of their food at once.

Even with all of these crazy quirks, messes, and annoyances, I wouldn’t trade my pets for anything in the world! They are funny, adorable, and I love them…even if they don’t always make sense!

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