11 Energy Boosting Foods


Coffee can surely give you that much-needed boost at the office, but there are other alternatives ready to get you through the day just the same. Put down that cup and check our list of energy boosting options.

1. Greek yogurt. The prebiotics found in yogurt are known for good digestion. Aside from that, they also strengthen your immune system and provide you with tons of energy.

2. Almonds and peanuts. Pop a handful of nuts while at your office table and you’re ready to stay on top of a sleepy afternoon. Almonds and peanuts are great sources of protein and fiber. Try a peanut butter sandwich with whole wheat bread for a quick and healthy snack.

quinoa spoon3. Quinoa. The best substitute for rice is quinoa. It has complex carbs full of nutrients that will energize you until the next eating time. Create a delicious cereal mix with almonds or raisins.




chocolate dark 24. Chocolate. A bar of dark chocolate will make you ditch coffee as your primary source of energy. Choose at least 70% dark to get a good amount of iron and magnesium.



5. Bananas. Your favorite after lunch dessert has high-levels of potassium that keep blood sugar levels moderate and slow down digestion. Now there’s nothing to worry about feeling sleepy after eating.

6. Fish. Prepare a hearty serving of salmon for lunch to increase your brain activity. It’s omega 3 fatty acids and iron help produce hemoglobin that carry blood to your brain. Take the recommended serving of fish at least twice a week.

7. Water. Drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up because your body needs to be refilled. Imagine starting the day without rehydrating. Your body would feel fatigued on the way to work.

8. Beans. Add beans with tomatoes and some vegetables and you have a mix that’s very good for the heart. Vegetarians can get a significant source of energy from the low-fat protein and other essential nutrients like iron, calcium, and B vitamins.

9. Fruits. Squeeze fruits like oranges and lemons that have high-levels of vitamin C and get a kick from their energizing citrus juices.

10. Eggs. Have a little time to prepare a hefty breakfast? An egg is the perfect solution. It’s high in iron and protein, two critical nutrients you need for a long day at work.

tea ginger11. Tea. Pour a cup of ginger tea in the afternoon and feel reinvigorated with its antioxidants. Now you have a better alternative than the usual cup of coffee.



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