11 Animals That DEFINITELY Had A Worse Day Than You Did…

How was your day today? Maybe you didn’t have the best shift or a customer really got under your skin. Perhaps you had car trouble on your way home, or they didn’t have the food you want at the drive-thru…But did you get your head stuck in a gate? Probably not. I would assume that is a problem that only small children and animals encounter on a daily basis. Here are some of the cutest and saddest animals that just did NOT have a good day! Funny!


Uh-oh…looks like someone got too close to the cat with their sticky lollipop! That kid looks pretty upset, but that cat looks absolutely livid!11.13g

Poor pooch! He just wanted to lay in the hammock like the people do! It looks so comfortable and relaxing…but it wasn’t made for little tiny puppy paws! At least mom helped him after she took a picture…right?!


This cat looks like he has had ENOUGH of these kids! That crown is acceptable, but the glasses are not. “Remove this from my body, humans!”


In her defense, she probably made those outfits by hand with love and care! She even gave them all precious little pearly necklaces! They don’t look excited, but they don’t look mad, either. “Do I get a treat now?”


Oh no! He tried to chase after a cat and look what happened! His head might have fit through, but the rest of him did not! Sorry, buddy, but you just aren’t as small as you were as a puppy anymore!


These kitties don’t understand how a swinging window works! These are not so great for cat owners as your kitty could get hurt badly…but lucky for these curious cats, mom was there to save them – after taking a picture, of course! Hopefully these kitties learn their lesson soon!


“I swear, the mailman was ATTACKING our house! I HAD to do this! I was protecting our TERRITORY!” Yes, pooch. You sure were. We feel safer already…


Wait, no, don’t do it kitty!! How could they take this picture instead of protecting their cat?! Cat owners, can you confirm? Is this a regular occurrence for cats, or is this just one brave kitty?! Yikes.


Why are cows so curious? If their heads will fit in it, they will try to explore as much as possible. Why, cows? Why must you stick your heads in everything?!


This little guy just wanted to play with the frisbee! It was such a nice day, too…the grass was green, the sun was shining, now if only he could pay attention to the game! What a sad day!


Looks like Fido tried to eat a bee! I’m lucky that my littlest dog is not allergic to bees! She has stepped on 3 since I adopted her last year, but she’s never experienced any bloated paws!

These pictures just make me want to hug them and pet them and give them all of the treats! Have your animals gotten themselves into some crazy positions? Silly little furry friends! I love them and their antics.

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