102-Year-Old Woman Handcuffed, Taken To Senior Center To Check “Arrested” Off Bucket List

Edie Simms has done a lot in her 102 years of life, but there was one thing that she still had yet to do: get arrested. Now, she wasn’t the type to break the law or inconvenience anyone in order to do so, but there it was on her bucket list just waiting to be checked off. She finally got her chance when she was to be escorted to the Five Star Senior Center in St. Louis.

For the past two years, Simms has been sending handmade gifts to the residents at the senior center, but she had never given the gifts out in person. The senior center decided to arrange for the police escort so that she could deliver everything in person this year, and when they were helping her into the back seat, she finally got her chance.

Do you think you could put those handcuffs on me?” She asked suddenly.

The officers obliged, soon learning that it had been a life goal of hers to ride in the back of the police car, arrested in handcuffs! They were happy to be able to help with her wish.10-5a2

When the police vehicle “arrived on the scene,” Simms got out of the car and held up her hands to show off her handcuffs!

Keep going, don’t ever stop whatever it is you’re doing. And spend some time doing community service because sometimes the person you reach out and touch, is the only person that they will talk to in a day.”

Great advice from an admirable woman!


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