100-Year-Old Man Holds His Wife’s Hands In Their Final Moments As A Married Couple. (WARNING: Tissues!)

With so much to live for, thinking about how we’re going to die isn’t something that we spend too much time on. Will it be painful? Will we be alone? Will we be surrounded by family? For this couple, the answer to these questions was a sweet moment captured by their grand daughter, just hours before her grand mother peacefully passed away.

After 77 years of marriage, having to say goodbye is one of the hardest things this man would have to do in his life. He was 100, and his wife was 96. They had fallen in love and married in 1939. They had children, watched their grandchildren grow, and in the end, held tight to one another as they faced the next step in their journey.9.1a4The anonymous woman posted this picture, but didn’t say much about the why’s or how’s of the moment, only that her grandfather was there for his wife “’til death did they part,” fulfilling his vows to the end.

A bittersweet moment shared between two souls, happy to have lived so long, but sad to see an end to their time. The moment makes us ponder our own reasons for living. Although not all of us might be so lucky in the end, there is hope that one day, we might be in their position. We hope that in the end, we might have such a precious moment, too.


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