10-Year-Old Offers To Mow Lawns In Exchange For School Supplies. Gets MORE Than He Asked For!

Tyran Bell realized that his mother wouldn’t be able to help him buy school supplies this year, so he took matters into his own hands. His mother was forced to stop working when his older brother was in an accident and needed round-the-clock care during his recovery. Money was tight, and he couldn’t bear to ask his mother for a single penny. He knew how much their family needed the money that they had left for bills and groceries.

He decided to start small and began asking his neighbors if they would hire him to mow their lawns or do any other odd jobs. Tyran let everyone know that he wanted to start a lawn care business, and the news spread. One business owner, Theresa Babb, started a donation box at her office and soon had the attention of the entire community. 8.15a14

People began donating not only school supplies, but lawn equipment and clothing as well. He soon had more than enough school supplies for himself and his brother, with a lot left over to give to others.

Even when he met his goals to earn enough for school supplies, he is still working to expand his lawn care business. His community is proud, but his mother is even more impressed. He had always been a kind and giving child, but to see him actively working to help out their little family in its time of need made her love and respect her child even more.

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