10-Year-Old Gives His Savings To The Family Of A Car Crash Victim. His Actions Moved The Community!

Brent Price was killed in a car accident at just 18. He had graduated high school and had plans to attend college after the summer. His passing shook the community in a way that they had never experienced. They decided to hold a candlelight vigil at their local park to honor his memory and grieve for the lost child.

One day, 10-year-old Max visited the vigil. He had never met Brent, but after hearing what had happened to him, ran home and collected spare change and ever a few extra coins from his mother’s purse. He donated the money to Brent’s family for their funeral expenses…

But as he was walking home, he realized that he had a lot more money that he could give them. Max had been saving up for a guitar and had about $20 hidden away.

They need it more. Just forget about the guitar. I can get that later.”

He gathered his savings and went back, donating everything he had saved.

The local news heard about his generosity and did a story on his actions. By then, the community had heard about it as well. A stranger named Don knew that he could do something to reward the boy’s actions and waited at that same park with a gift on hand after he had heard about the interview.7.8a2

He sat outside on a bench, waiting for a moment to give the child what he had been saving for: a guitar.

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