10 Women Share Their CREEPIEST “Romantic” Encounters. These made me SHIVER! Ugh!

We’ve all had our fair share of “bad date” experiences. Sometimes, people just don’t hit it off on the first try, and that’s okay! It’s all a part of the journey to finding someone you’d like to spend your time with. But sometimes, things don’t go the way we planned…and sometimes, we meet some REALLY misguided individuals…some of these are too outrageous!

1.) A guy I worked with sent me flowers to my home address. When I asked how he got my address he told me he stole my payslip.

2.) I was flirting with a guy in a club, we talked all night and finally kissed. He was awesome and really hot. Then he told me to close my eyes and he put a silver necklace with a cross around my neck. I looked at it and said: “uhm, thanks…?” He smiled and said: “It belonged to my first girlfriend. She died in a house fire when I was 15.”

3.) Ugh. When I was 17 I was at a house party and had been polity chatting with my friends 30 year old coworkers. I needed to pee so he showed me where the bathroom was. On the way there he “tripped” and “fell” on me pinning me to the wall with his hands on my breast and arm. He held me there and went in to for a kiss.

That was the first guy I’ve ever slapped.

4.) He snuck into my apartment building after going on ONE date.

Taped a flower and a love poem to my door. Now this might have been cute because the start of the poem was all joking around and goofy…but then the second half of the poem was all weird and “you and I are gonna be together forever and have 10 babies.” No thanks.

5.) I had an ex boyfriend who began stalking me after I broke up with him. He’d wait outside for me, park his truck behind my car so I couldn’t leave, leave creepy notes on my car, stand outside my basement door looking in, etc… All because he said I loved him and we belonged together, but I just didn’t know it yet. Ughhh lasted almost a year after we broke up until I had to almost get the cops involved.

6.) A guy told me that he had killed two people and dumped their bodies in the lake. He was psycho and thought that somehow that would be “cool” or “mysterious” and would impress me. He offered to take me to the spot in the lake and shoe me. I called the cops on him. He was pissed and said he made it up and I shouldn’t have overreacted. I don’t really know what he was expecting.

7.) Followed me to the bathroom at a party because he “just wanted to help me.” When I confronted him outside in front of the party host he said “I think I’m in love with you”, I had just met him that night.

8.) Shortly after I broke up with him, my honestly very sweet high school boyfriend broke into my house while I was gone and left a card and roses on my bed to express his sorrow.

My mother was more upset than I was. I knew what he meant, but she was like “HOW DID HE GET INTO THE HOUSE.”

9.) One guy present a pie chart of all the girls he liked and tried to convince me to go on a date with him since I was “32% of the pie.”

10.) Said he wanted to buy me a necklace with his name on it so other guys would know I was his and not talk to me. Apparently, it’s romantic to treat women like property. The guy threw off all kinds of domestic violence warning signs and I noped out of there fast.

These are so bad! I sincerely hope that these guys have learned since these encounters! Some of them really made me cringe! Especially that guy who thought it would be cool to pretend he murdered people…EEK!

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