10 Unusual Ways To Re-Use Your Coffee Grounds! Don’t Toss Them Out!

I have got to have a cup of coffee in the morning. The taste and the aroma help me to wake up and start my day – the kick of caffeine doesn’t hurt either! The only problem is that I end up with a hefty amount of coffee grounds afterwards, and tossing it always seems so wasteful. I’ve found some really clever ways to re-use a portion of these grounds around the house, and maybe some of these methods will work for you, too!

1 Keep your garden pest-free!

While using too much coffee grounds in your soil can actually harm your garden, the caffeine will deter slugs, snails, ants, and cats, keeping them (mostly) out of your hair! Just sprinkle a small amount around the perimeter of your garden and see if you notice less pests than normal.

2 Use it as a fertilizer! 

Coffee grounds are great for acid-loving plants like tomatoes and strawberries – but will change the pH value of your soil if you don’t pay attention. Rinsing your coffee grounds can give them a more neutral pH balance and won’t affect the soil as much. A lot of gardeners choose to use coffee grounds as mulch – it’s considered a green fertilizer – so keep that in mind!

10.21d3 Make a compost pile!

Coffee grounds are a great addition to natural compost piles. Add them in with your banana peels and other composting materials to help it all along! Gorgeous.

4 Create a body scrub!

The simplest body scrub that you can make is with coffee grounds, sugar, and olive oil! These three ingredients are probably already in your kitchen. You can experiment with a few drops of essential oils added to give it a few more benefits, but this smells wonderful to me as it is! This scrub really does leave my skin feeling fresh and clean!

5 Create a face mask!

Want to try something invigorating and nice for your skin? Take a few spoonfuls of an avocado and mash them together with a few spoons of coffee grounds. Apply the mixture to your face (I don’t like to rub too hard and damage the skin) and leave it on for roughly 30 minutes or until the mask has hardened. Once it’s dry or 30 minutes have passed, wipe the mixture off with a damp paper towel and toss it all in the trash – NOT the sink! (Coffee grounds will clog your pipes faster than anything!) Rinse your face with warm water and wash it with a gentle soap. Moisturize with an oil-free lotion! I like to do this mask once a week 🙂

6 Freshen your hands!

If you’ve been cooking and have the lingering smells of garlic, onions, ginger, or mustard on your fingers, mix a spoonful of coffee grounds with a bit of olive oil in your palm and rub your hands with the mixture for a good 20 – 30 seconds! The coffee grounds will exfoliate your hands and remove the odors, and the olive oil will give your skin a nice boost of moisture!

7 Boost your hair!

Mixing a handful of coffee grounds with your conditioner is thought to stimulate hair growth when applied once a week. The caffeine in the coffee gives your hair some extra help, and the gentle exfoliants will give your shower a nice aroma to boot! If you do try this method, remember to put something over the drain to catch the grounds before they end up in your pipes!

10.21e8 Get rid of odors in the fridge!

This is exactly as easy as it sounds! Instead of tossing the coffee grounds out right away, put them in a bowl and set them in the fridge for a day! They will help remove any funky smells and you can just toss them out the next morning! Perfect.

9 Shine your pots and pans!

Using coffee grounds mixed with dish soap can help lift and shine old pots and pans that have accumulated grease. Use a scouring pad to really get the benefits of this mixture. After you’re done, wipe out the soap and coffee grounds with a paper towel and toss it into the trash before you rinse it out in the sink!

10 Eliminate shoe odors!

Do you keep your shoes in a closet? Maybe the kids toss them off at the front door leaving a nice “welcome”for guests. Much like using coffee grounds in the fridge, you can use them in shoes as well! Put coffee grounds into a new coffee filter and tie it closed with string or a garbage twist-tie. Make it small enough to fit inside the shoe and leave it there overnight! The smell should be gone by the morning…unless you’re trying to get rid of the odor in your kid’s gym shoes…that might take another day! Yikes!

Hopefully you’ve found a few uses that can help you around the house! I love using coffee grounds as a body scrub and face mask, and these magical leftovers really do eliminate odors in the smelliest of places! Try these out for yourself at home!

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