10 Sentimental Smells That Can Make You Happy

The scent of fresh cut grass in the morning springs happiness. It reminds people of their childhood when all they want to do is play on the lawn. Here’s a list of other nostalgic smells that can hit a special spot deep in your heart.

  1. Freshly baked bread
    If you love to have a hearty breakfast with the entire family, then freshly baked bread should always be present on the table. Forget about diet; put on some butter and jam and share a good laugh with everyone to start the day.
  2. Ground coffee beans
    A lovely morning with freshly baked bread won’t be complete without coffee, and the ground beans give that soothing aroma old folks can’t help but enjoy.
  3. Burning leaves
    The smell of burning leaves hits the nail of the head. Every fall and summer after all the leaves are raked into a small spot, they are set into fire of distant yet very dear memories.
  4. Camp fire
    When parents bring their children to summer camp, they want to share a memory that can last forever. The warmth of the flame and the smell of wood creates this feeling for every child that had the experience.
  5. Sun shower
    One way to describe a sun shower is it’s a bittersweet phenomena. The smell of the air, the gentle touch of rain, and somewhere up in the sky there’s a rainbow. This moment is one similar to romantic movies.
  6. Cold air
    When you feel the cold air on your skin, you know fall has already started. It brings a pleasant atmosphere along the streets where you just want to have a peaceful walk alone and enjoy a lovely day.
  7. Clean sheets
    Now if you really want to set the mood in the bedroom, clean and fresh bed sheets has to be there. They harness the feeling that you just want to cuddle with your partner and give no care in the world.

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