10 Secret Ways Your Dog Says “I LOVE You!”

Ever wondered if your pets really love you? Here are some really simple ways to find out! You should be able to tell most of these without even calling your dog into the room, but pay attention for these signs! Some of them surprised me!

1. Lifting their eyebrows.

That’s right! Studies have proved that when a dog sees something that he likes, his facial muscles will react. His little eyebrows will pop up (usually the one on the left) and you’ll be able to see this change in his face! Accompanied by this, his tail will begin to wag uncontrollably! My adopted dog had her tail clipped as a puppy, so instead of wagging her tail, her entire butt will move ridiculously back-and-forth so hard that she will sometimes lose her balance.

10.29i2. Yawning at the same time as you.

While humans will yawn if they see or hear another human yawning, dogs that feel a connection with you will do the same thing! Since they have been bred to react to human movement, this may be a trait that they have picked up over the centuries, but it is still adorable! I’m going to start paying attention to my dogs to see if this is true!

3. Letting you leave the house without going nuts.

When a dog panics as you leave the house, it is more a sign of anxiety than love. They worry that you will never return, and that fear can lead them to jump, whine, and pace when they see you grabbing the keys but not their leash. When a dog sees you leaving the house and doesn’t protest to crate-time, or let’s you go without trying to claw a hole in your jeans, this means that they are certain that you will return to them at a later time. My dogs still have yet to grasp this concept. No, the grocery store is not going to eat me, little dogs!

4. Going nuts when you come home!

THIS means that your dogs love and adore you! If they are excited that you came back home, it’s a sign of love and affection! I try not to give in to this behavior too often because it tends to cause me to drop groceries onto the floor, but I can’t help feel incredibly loved when I walk in to those smiling faces! Their little tails wag so fast and all I want to do is get on their level and cuddle the heck out of them.

5. Staring directly into your eyes.

Eye contact is something that is fairly unique to dogs more than other animals. Dogs won’t usually stare into each other’s eyes. This behavior is found routinely between humans and their loving pets. They tell you that they love you with those giant puppy eyes, and whether or not it’s a ploy to get more kibble for breakfast, it certainly works! I don’t mind, here, have some more kibble you lovable mutt!

10.29j6. Leaning on you.

Leaning on your legs can mean that your dog is feeling anxious about something and wants to be comforted. Dogs crave the feeling of security, and since you are “in charge” they will go to you when they need an extra bit of support. In my house, this happens during thunderstorms and just before walks. They love me, and this little action makes me love them back even more!

7. Cuddling after he eats.

Food is generally a dog’s #1 priority in life, but after that, what is it? When a dog comes to you after he’s just eaten, it means that you are the 2nd most important thing in his life! If you dog comes to nuzzle at your feet after he’s finished eating, it means he values you above everything else. After a while, he’ll probably go to play with his favorite ball, but still, that ball is #3!


8. Reacting to your love!

If a dog doesn’t feel affection, they won’t reciprocate. When we go for walks in the park and a stranger pets their fur, they will usually stand there for a moment and decide if they are comfortable. Until they feel safe, they won’t lick the stranger’s hand or “smile” at them. If your dog gives you kisses when you start to pet him, it means he loves and trusts you!

10.29k9. Napping in your room.

Dogs are pack animals, and that means that they love to sleep together. If your dog likes to nap on your pillow, it means that he wants to be as close to you as possible. Yes, even if he pees on your pillow, it means he wants to get close to you! I don’t allow my dogs on the bed because they will pee on it as soon as I’m not looking, but I know that it means they love me! …in their own special way…ugh.

10. Giving you his favorite toy or bone.

When Sparky brings you his favorite ball, it doesn’t always mean that he wants you to toss it across the room. Sometimes, he will bring you his favorite thing just because he trusts you and knows that you are in charge. He’s bringing it to you because he thinks you will love it just as much as he does. Give him a head rub for being so considerate and “sharing” his favorite toys! …And THEN toss it across the room!

Reading this just made me love my little doggies even more! Alright, it’s time for an extra walk today! Give your dogs a hug!

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