10 Pictures Of Dramatic Cats That Are Guaranteed To Make Your Day Better

Sometimes, the only thing that will make your day better is a collection of hilarious cats. We’re okay with that. Enjoy.

Did you get your picture?! It’s cold! Ahhh!”

I’ll never let go, Jack!”

Mlem, mlem, mlem, mlem, ahhhh cold Cold COLD?!”

You can’t leave me now, this movie is too scary to watch on my own! I HAVE TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS!”

Is that a piece of MEAT?!”

Cheryl, you know how I feel about flowers, please don’t- OH NO WHY CHERYL WHY”

T’was I who set the home ablaze!!”

…but why?”

Guess what you forgot outsideĀ all night? That’s right, ME!”

Friends, Romans, Kittymen…lend me your ears!”

Did it work!? Do you feel better? Because I do. Thank you, adorable kitties, for making my day better!

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