10 Of The BEST Beards In Existence To Brighten Your Day!

When is the last time that you saw a truly majestic beard? They went out of style for a while, but thanks to budding new trends and No Shave November, men everywhere are taking more and more pride in their natural ability to grow facial hair. Beards are now as common as mullets were in the 80s, which sounds like a bad thing, but totally isn’t! Here are some of the most creative and hilarious beards, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Spider Beard? As creepy and terrifying as this design is, I have to say that it is truly impressive. Those “legs” are so long, and the different shades and colors give this spider some real definition. Icky. Cool, but icky.


How about an old timey beard? Hans Langseth currently holds the record for the world’s longest beard. Gross, but totally cool.


I’m not sure what is going on here, but I like it! It’s weird, and kind of reminds me of the star on top of a Christmas tree!


This guy has one impressive beard! My only complaint? He should have painted those bobby pins to match his beard color! They are the only thing I see when I look at this masterpiece.


Uhm. Okay…just stop! It’s too creepy! This doesn’t count as a beard, but it is facial hair, I can see where he was going with it…


THIS is how Santa should be drawn from now on! This is the most festive beard ever! I wonder if I could do that with my hair, too?! Hold on, let me grab some bobby pins…I know what I’m doing for the next ugly sweater party!


I hope that he let people try and toss ping pong balls into those cups!! This is the only way to play from now on.


A cactus? Well, why not, I guess! It’s a little disturbing, and it makes me wonder what he does with the space underneath his chin, but this is still one awesome creation!


Can we take a moment and appreciate the dedication it must have taken to grow this beard out so long?! I mean, wouldn’t it get in the way during everyday activities? Maybe he rolls it up in order to do things like dishes or cycling, but this is a work of art! I can’t stop staring…


Why yes, that is indeed a beard! I might have given up halfway through, but he tried his best! I wonder if he did it himself or had some help!


It’s things like this that make me sad that I can’t grow a majestic beard! There would be so many opportunities for fashion! I like the risks these guys are taking. I like it a lot.

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