10 Minutes Into Her Graduation Photo Shoot…She BROKE Her Foot! Good The She Documented The Entire Ordeal!

Like most graduation photo shoots, she had high expectations. She had a few poses in mind and wanted to make sure that the photographer captured all of them. They started with the classic “smile and hold your cap,” and wanted to try something a bit more adventurous…


The “toss your cap and jump in the air” picture is fun and quirky! She put on her best smile and took her high heels off for this dramatic photo! She jumped, tossed her hat, smiled, and…3.28a22

Definitely landed at the wrong angle! She didn’t lose her smile! She posed on the stairs and waited for someone to take her to the hospital. They needed to x-ray that foot!3.28a23

The pain is hard to smile though, but she still looks fierce. Off to the hospital!3.28a24

Of course, she now realizes how big of a deal it is to break your foot! No driving, no walking, and going on vacation after graduation? Not without a lot of planning! This isn’t so fun anymore…3.28a25

But she still has a great sense of humor through all of it! The pictures are surely memorable, and she won’t forget this terrible day thanks to these quirky pictures!

My graduation photos were not nearly this exciting!

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