10 Jaw Dropping Faces Transformed By Makeup

Some artists don’t need paper or a canvas to create art. All they need is a human face and some makeup. It’s pretty incredible all you can do with makeup. You can transform a person’s face into someone that they couldn’t even recognize! Check out these jaw dropping face makeup pictures!

1. Van Gogh – Starry Night
vangoghAll I can say is…THIS is awesome! This guy not only transforms into Vincent Van Gogh he also adds himself into the famous Starry Night painting.

2. Comic Character

3. E. T. Look
This mom transformed her little girl not into a fairy…but E. T. Can you find her smile?

4. Before/After  

before and after 20


5. Pixel Makeup

6. 2-Dimensional Look

7. Game Of Thrones Makeovergame_of_thrones_makeup_05
8. Lion Look
This look takes animal face paint to a whole new level.

 9. Elsa from Frozen

10. Mickey Mouse


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