10 Creepy Halloween Nail Designs To Add To Your Costume! Spooky!

Halloween is a holiday full of mystery! It’s a time to appreciate the “darker” side of life – from death to goblins to fantasy creatures. Humanity has a long history of mythical legends and ghost stories, and this one holiday is dedicated to those shady and unsettling stories. While it can be fun to dress up in a costume, sometimes we can’t go to work in them. Maybe we’re too focused on getting the kids ready that we just skip dressing up altogether. One way that we can show our “spirit” is by decorating our nails – even if we can’t wear a costume! These are some of my favorites!


This is an elegant take on the “Queen of Hearts,” the villain in Alice in Wonderland. This is an easy manicure that even could do, so I’m sure you would have no problem! This design is simple, and if you plan to incorporate it into a costume, just change up the colors if the red and black combo doesn’t match! This is an easy way to complete your look without much effort.


Eek! These nails sure are spooky! Maybe you can’t dress up as a fully costumed vampire this season, but your nails can! This is easy to do and is guaranteed to get a lot of attention! File two fake nails into these points (dulled, of course!) and attach them to your nail bed. Paint your nails white and add some blood here and there. Voila! Creepy.10.5p

Alright, this manicure is pretty complicated, but you can do it with any colors that you have lying around! Paint your nail with one dark color and one sparkling polish. Add the spider webs with a paint brush or a toothpick. I love the little rhinestone spider in the middle of the web! It’s cute AND creepy! This one might be a little above my skill set, but hopefully you can pull it off with no issues!


Ooooh, this look has a particularly sinister feel! Yikes! These nails are easy and quick, and they are sure to make everyone do a double take! Start with a white base coat and splatter on some “blood.” I do this part with an old toothbrush, but you can use toothpicks, too! After it’s dried, add a glossy top coat to really make these shine!  10.5l

This is one of those subtle designs that are really cute and fun! You can do this with any colors that you have, and all you need is a little bit of patience! The shape of this kitty’s head makes it really easy to apply to your nail with the polish brush…you only need a toothpick for his little eyes! I really like this one!10.5m

This design is intricate but still really festive! What makes this manicure “pop” is the color contrast between the orange pumpkin and the white background! If you aren’t sure that the pumpkin will look like a pumpkin, you can always turn it into an orange spider if it gets too confusing. I might just stick to orange dots! That pumpkin is just too cute.10.5o

This elegant take on the Evil Queen is just the right amount of creepy! It starts off as a nice red manicure but quickly fades into a decidedly more unnatural black! This is a simple gradient technique that you can create by using a makeup sponge to dab on the two colors onto your nail, blending them together as you apply it. I don’t have these matte polishes, but this will look great with shiny red and black, too!10.5k

If you’re dressing up as a scarecrow or just want to add a bit of whimsy to your outfit, this is perfect! You can use any color for the tips, just remember to use black for the “thread!” This is so fun, and I think I’ve just found my perfect Halloween manicure! It’s too easy!

I love these nails! You can use any color for the background, but I love the way this sparkling purple accents the googly-eyed spiders! You can use a toothpick or a thin brush to apply the black polish, and if you have miniature googly eyes, you can use those instead of white polish. This are fun and spooktacular! Soo cute!


Yikes! Looking for something REALLY spooky?! I think I found it for you…

This is the perfect addition to most creepy costumes. They will look great on a witch, a skeleton (in white, of course), a zombie, a ghost, or anything freaky! All you have to do is paint your nails black and use a makeup sponge to sponge the black polish up your fingers! Go as high as you dare! It might feel a little funny, but the effect will definitely be VERY spooky!

These manicures are perfect to add to your look this Halloween, so try some out and pick your favorite! Be sure to share this with your friends and help them to decide on their spooky manicures, too!

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