10 Cooking Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

Not all of us can be experts in the kitchen, but we can make cooking easier! From testing meat to testing baking soda we’ve got it covered! After saving these awesome tips you will enjoy cooking and baking a lot more.

Check out these 10 cooking hacks you NEED to know! Once you read all 10 you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them! Definitely life savors.

1. Put a thumbprint in the middle of your burger so it will cook flat, instead of round!10849850_734924869932418_8362027740501153363_n

2. Do a test with your hand to see if meat is done!

3. Perfect sized cookies every time!

4. Here’s a simple cheat sheet for vegetables!

5. Save this picture for easy access to common kitchen measurements! No more having to Google it! 10404296_731875893570649_1481177429527342852_n

6. Ever wondered how many people your pan feeds? Here you go!

7. Awesome salad hack for leftovers!

8. This cheat sheet is so helpful if you’re trying to stay away from sugar!

9. I never even thought about testing old baking soda, but now I will!

10.  I’m always cutting up onions, this will make it a lot easier!


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