10 Childhood Memories That Always Make You Smile

In a very stressful world we all live in, it’s nice to sit back, relax, and reminisce on childhood memories. This helps us see how far we’ve come. Here are some of those moments that might hit a soft spot inside.

Here comes Santa Claus
Kids feel the excitement of Christmas when adults talk about Santa Claus. The gifts for nice children and reindeers on the roof create the magic of the season. Although grown ups feel less of the magic and are more skeptical, the memory of believing in Santa never fails to bring a smile.

A father and son moment
Between parents, the mother is usually more vocal than the father. It’s evident when their little boy accidentally falls and suffers a gash. While the mother would rush hurriedly, the father would take his time. However, to see the father change the bandage on his son’s knee and stay with him all night is a moment to cherish forever.

Trip to Disneyland
What’s the fondest memory of your trip to Disneyland? One father surprised his kids during a typical school day. His kids woke up late, immediately ran down the stairs, and were surprised to see their father sitting at the table. Since the children were late for school, he said, “let’s just go to Disneyland”. They thought he wasn’t serious, but all their bags are ready in the car.

A grandfather’s handshake
A young boy’s fond memory of his grandfather strolls along the lines of being a tough man. No mushy words uttered when they greet, just a strong handshake most children will find painful. What followed were silly activities like playing cards and watching golf. It’s the heartfelt smile from the old man that gives the boy something to treasure after his grandpa passed away.

Ask for a pet
Remember the time when you asked your parents if you can keep a dog? The answer was probably a big NO. It’s too much responsibility for kids. But two young brothers took on the challenge and worked on odd jobs for 6 months to make the money. The dog they wanted then became a part of the family for 11 years.

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