1-Year-Old Child CHOKES On A Plastic Spoon During A Flight! She Wants The Airline To LISTEN!!

The most terrifying experience as a parent is watching your child suffer…and realizing that there is nothing you can do to help. Natalie Ward came face to face with this awful reality when her 1-year-old daughter, Gabrielle, began to violently choke on a broken piece of plastic. The toddler had been eating yogurt with a spoon during a flight from Glasgow to Orlando when the flimsy plastic spoon broke off in her mouth.

She began to choke, and although Natalie tried to help her baby daughter, there was nothing she could do. At 40,000 feet in the air, she became frantic as her daughter experienced difficulty breathing. 

A paramedic happened to be sitting nearby and was able to offer advice because Gabrielle eventually swallowed the piece of plastic. She was breathing normally, but the paramedic advised taking Gabrielle to the hospital as soon as possible. The piece that broke off was rather large and might end up doing damage to the delicate lining of her stomach and intestines.

Gabrielle recovered from the shocking ordeal and Natalie contacted the airline and asked them to stop using that particular plasticware.

She wasn’t biting hard on it, it was just really flimsy.”

She believes the airline tried to cut corners by using disposable and flimsy materials. Thomson Airways hasn’t promised to do anything about it, but have only stated that they will be reviewing the customer’s complaint further.

We would like to reassure everyone that customer health and safety is our top priority.” The airway stated.

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