$1 Million Lottery Won By Louisiana Flood Victims!

While over 40,000 home owners suffered damages after Huricane Matthew made its way across their properties, one family found good fortune after the natural disaster. On October 1st, 2016, he discovered that his lottery ticket had the winning numbers.

Well, he had five out of six numbers, but it was enough! It meant he would be receiving the prize money in the amount of $1,000,000!

James Lapeze was so stunned, he looked at his ticket over and over.

I even had my wife check them because I really couldn’t believe that I won!” He said about discovering his winning ticket.

They were excited that their lives would now be going in a different direction!10-19a2The small store, Romero’s Food Mart, would also share in the good fortune, receiving a 1% cut of the total prize money. The $10,000 will enjoy a good quarter this year!

Lapeze, who is now 72 years old, plans to use the money to pay off his home and finally retire. While the prize money will only amount to around $700,000 after fees and taxes, it is still a life-changing amount of money. Lapeze and his wife will live comfortably, and James can now enjoy retirement without worrying about needing to go back to work!

What would you do with a cash prize of $1 million? Would you retire? Pay off your home? Or finally take that vacation across the world?


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