Woman Used Her Four Children To Steal 8 Pizzas From Local Shop. The Owner Had THIS To Say!

Rocco’s Pizzaria has gotten a LOT of attention when the owner, Damien Penner, wrote an open letter to the woman who used her children to con the cashier and swipe a total of eight pizzas while the staff was distracted. The woman knew what she was doing and had clearly instructed the children on how to act and how to steal the pies, and the owner had a lot to say about it.

That’s theft from my pocket and it’s theft from my family, but there’s no point in going around, stomping your feet all day long, getting mad because of something that, inevitably in business, will occur.¬†How we react is what’s going to define us.”

And so, he wrote this letter and hoped that somehow, it would get back to her:

To the lady that stole 8 take and bake pizzas last night. We do not know the situation you are in, and don’t know if it was malicious, or to feed your children. But please, ask for help either way. You can’t continue to get your children to assist you in stealing, as they are young, impressionable, and still learning. You may feel like there is no other way, but regardless you have to parent, and can’t raise your children as an example like this.”

He tells her that he isn’t going to post her picture online or even take the case to the police. He begged her to come back into his shop to talk to him personally. He wanted her to come in and get the help that she needed.

And now, he has everyone talking. Hopefully, she sees his plea. Hopefully, she listens.


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