This Man Slept On The Sidewalk All Night When His Dog Went Missing, Hoping For The Impossible

It was a Friday morning when Jarvis Smith found this man sleeping on the sidewalk in front of the animal shelter. He was exhausted and worried, but his reason for lying down in front of the door were too incredible not to share.

The man was homeless, but he had spent his last few dollars on bus fare to travel to the animal shelter anyway, forgoing food to make the trip. He’d done it for the most heartbreaking reason. His dog, Tata, had gone missing. After a bit of digging, he discovered that Tata would have been brought to this shelter if she had been found wandering around on the streets. He was determined not to miss his chance to reunite with his beloved pet, and so he slept outside until they opened the doors. Smith took a description of Tata and knew that the dog wasn’t in their shelter…but after a phone call, discovered that she had already been dropped off at the shelter’s other location!

Smith paid for the man’s bus fare to make the trip to their other location across the city. Once they brought Tata out to meet him, they knew he hadn’t been lying! She was overjoyed to be reunited with her human and couldn’t stop wiggling!
The shelter decided to waive all fees that had built up from Tata’s rescue and care. She had a loving owner that had made a huge sacrifice to find his pet, and they wished them well – free of charge!

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