This Dog Barks At Their Door Every Morning To Visit His Best Friend, A 16-Year-Old Pitbull

Jackson sits at their front door every morning and barks twice. If they don’t open the door for him, he doesn’t give up. The curious pup walks to their back door and barks twice there, too. If they still don’t answer, he goes to investigate their shed. Eventually, someone lets him inside…The only problem? He isn’t their dog!Jackson has a best friend; the family’s 16-year-old pitbull, Tommy! The family adopted him in 2002 from a shelter in Chicago, and the veterinarian estimated him to be 1 to 2 years old at the time. Fifteen years later, he’s still alive and well! He’s healthy and strong…just old! The two dogs love spending time together, and Jackson makes the four-block trek on foot every morning like clockwork!They don’t live in a very busy part of town, and cars rarely pass by on the streets. Many neighbors let their dogs roam the area during the daytime, and Jackson uses most of his free time to hang out with Tommy. They love to explore, go for walks, and sniff the most interesting things they can find. The one thing their owners worry about, however, is coyotes…but as long as these fearsome pups are together, they can handle just about anything!

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