They Spotted Something Strange Clinging To The Oysters…They Were SHOCKED!

Approaching a bridge in South Carolina, this family was having a fun time boating and hanging out together when they thought they spotted some sort of octopus. From far away, it looked like it may have been feasting on the oysters clinging to the concrete…but as they sailed closer, they quickly realized that the situation was much more dire. The strange lump turned out to be an orange kitten. When it realized that the boat was approaching, it began to meow and get their attention. He was using the last of his strength to cling to the oysters, but the tide was coming in and he didn’t have much time left. They quickly rescued him, glad to have found him in time.

Another abandoned kitten had been found earlier that day on the bridge, and the family assumed that the kitten had been struggling to survive for hours before they found him.
The took him to an animal hospital to see if he had swallowed any sea water, but the veterinarian deemed him well enough to be taken to their home, if they chose. The county footed the bill and even paid for the kitten to be spayed!

The family already had an 11-year-old cat that they had rescued, and welcoming the kitten seemed like the perfect thing to do in the situation.The little kitten, named McTeer after the bridge her was clinging to, has found a comfortable new home that treats him like the prince that he is!

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