These Firefighters Posted Their Tab With A Stunning Explanation After A LONG Shift

They had just finished fighting a tough blaze that had threatened to take over the are in La Loma Hills in California. It was hot, exhausting work, but eventually they finished the job and kept the area safe. As a way to wind down from the long day, they went to their local Denny’s for a filling meal and a bit of bonding time. While they were eating, they racked up quite a bill…but they never saw it!An anonymous woman saw the firefighters and knew what they had just done for their community. She wanted to give back and asked the staff at Denny’s to bring their tab to her! There were 25 firefighters seated at the restaurant, but she didn’t care. The total for all of their meals was over $400 including the tip, but she paid for it anyway…she even paid for their desserts afterwards!

They were stunned. When they got back to the station, they posted their gratitude on Facebook, hoping that the anonymous woman would see that her generous actions were greatly appreciated!

Hopefully, that anonymous woman has an absolutely wonderful day!

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