She Realized That Shop Mirrors Are Probably Tricking EVERYONE Into Buying More Clothes!

This is something that you may not have ever noticed…but it turns out that all mirrors may not be the same. Stores will diffuse enticing scents to convince you to buy expensive perfumes and lotions, they will play specific music to create a specific atmosphere, so what’s to stop them from altering their mirrors on top of it all?

That’s what Inna set out to discover. She took a photo of herself in a regular outfit in her mirror at home and went shopping. In each dressing room, she began to see something strange…

The photos document the difference in not only her clothing, but in the shape of her body, her face, and even her complexion.Enhanced lighting in each dressing room “contours” the body without a person even realizing what is happening. Different colors accentuate skin tone and even make a customer feel better about their item choices.Some people have even started to speculate that the mirrors in a store might be physically different form the ones at most people’s homes. They might be curved, or even tinted to show a slightly more appealing shade in skin tones. While its all just speculation for now, people have started trying this every time that they go out. For some reason, a picture taken in a dressing room is usually better than a picture snapped at home.

Is it all thanks to the lighting, or is there more to the story?

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