Mother Cat Abandoned Her Impossibly Tiny Kitten, But One Man Knew They Would Be A Perfect Match!

When a mother cat gave birth to a litter of kittens, one stood out from the rest. The female kitten was very small…too small. The mother cat’s instincts kicked in and she decided to focus her attention on the larger kittens as they were the most likely to survive, leaving this little fur baby to die. Nothing her owners did would make this mother nurse or pay attention to the kitten, so they reached out for help.

One man heard about the story and decided to see if the kitten was a good fit for his home. Just a few seconds of looking into the kitten’s big blue eyes had him swooning! It was love at first sight…but he still needed to know if the kitten like him back.

He sat near her as she explored, and eventually, she took a nap on his feet! She wasn’t about to let him go anywhere without her!
He took her home without much thought. He hadn’t gotten any items for adopting a kitten and scrambled to find milk for kittens and a bed. Eventually, they made a life together, and the kitten, named Sansa, thrived!

The mother cat had been wrong all along. All Sansa needed was love, and 40 days later, she was stunning. Sometimes, the greatest treasures come in the smallest packages!

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