It Was Just Another Rainy Day After Work, But He Still Did THIS For A Guy On The Sidewalk!

It’s Tuesday. It’s 5:45pm and you got out of work late because a client decided to call with a complicated problem right before closing time. There’s a storm rolling in and you need a few things from the store before you can finally go home. It’s just one of those days. We all have them, and the only thing that gets us through them is the promise of the weekend or our next day off. But we forget – even though we might be having a bad day, some people aren’t able to look forward to “the next day.” Count yourself lucky.

After a long day at work I made a trip up to the local Walgreens in my neighborhood.

As I got out of my car I noticed a guy with worn clothing, slouched over and he was taking the last drags off of his cigarette.

I stopped off and asked if there was anything I could get him. Shocked he looked up and said “a roast beef sandwich if they have one?” They had everything but roast beef. I went back out and asked if he could wait for a bit while I run across to the local market to get his sandwich. I think at this point he assumed I wasn’t going to be back.

While waiting I also decided to get him a pack of cigarettes.

As I started walking back the rain started pouring down and I could see him getting his backpack on, possibly heading somewhere else to get some shelter. I called out and gave him the stuff. He reached out his hand and said “You don’t know how much this means to me, I was starting to lose hope in the guy upstairs but you reminded me that he does care.” His words touched my soul and it’s a moment that I’ll never forget.

A reminder that what originally may have seemed so small to me can mean the world to someone else – and that made me realize it meant the world to me as well.

A few extra minutes of frustration made this random man’s day. He was hungry and stuck out in the rain with nowhere to go – but now he’s got a sandwich and a few more cigarettes to last him through the next few days. Sometimes, that is just all we can dare to hope for. This guy deserves a little more recognition for his actions after a long day at work, but I hope he knows that people on the internet think he’s a good person and wish him well! 🙂


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