Inmates On Work Detail Saved Deputy’s Life When He Collapsed And Are Hailed As Heroes

It was a balmy Monday morning when a deputy from the Polk Country Shefiff’s office woke up for work that day and remembers feeling rather ill. The temperature was nearing 80 degrees, but the humidity was at 100%, making for a very uncomfortable work day. The deputy, who chooses to remain unnamed, went to work anyway.

He was working with inmates at a local cemetery, and the inmates quickly realized that the deputy was not doing well. They had spent a lot of time together and realized that he needed medical attention. The deputy was coughing and had trouble staying cool, eventually collapsing from the heat.

He was hyperventilating and the inmates worked quickly to save his life. There were six inmates, but instead of running or taking advantage of the situation, they jumped to action. 

They removed the deputy’s shirt, bulletproof vest, and performed CPR. Another used the deputy’s phone to call 911, saving the man’s life.

As a result of their actions, the sheriff has taken off 1/4 of their sentences and gave them a free lunch. The sheriff reports that cutting time from sentences is something that they like to do when an inmate or trustee does something exemplary that goes beyond what their normal duties entail.

The deputy was taken off of work detail and put on patrol after he recovered.

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