If You Haven’t Seen This Hilarious Stock Photo Yet, Here Are The Best Edits By Total Strangers

A lot of companies use stock photos to promote their brands and ideas. Churches, grocery stores, small businesses, and journalists often utilize a good stock photo to get the imagery of their brand across to their consumers and followers. The beauty of stock photos is that they are often specific, crafted, and best of all, rather “anonymous.”
When someone unearthed this stock photo of a boyfriend being distracted by another woman, people just instantly related to it…not because they wanted to cheat on their partners, but because the “woman in the red dress” symbolized so much more.
She was, essentially, the personification of “temptation.”
Whether it was studying, sticking to a diet, or getting chores done, there was always something better…like watching movies, eating pizza, or sleeping.
The picture took on a life of its own, and people were quick to fill in their own answers to the hypothetical question: “What are you doing instead?”
We are all the “distracted boyfriend,” really. Who wants to buy a relaxing vacation instead of paying rent? Probably everyone.

The joke quickly spiraled out of control, but no one is really complaining. It’s hilarious because so many people can relate to it. Choosing to do boring adult tasks over doing something fun? That is just all too familiar!

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