Her Shopping Trip Was Interrupted When She Found This Woman On The Floor After A Dizzy Spell

After an ultrasound appointment, Brittany M. went with her husband to Walmart to grab a few things before heading home. While walking through the grocery portion of the store, she spotted an older woman on the floor. Brittany is a registered nurse and immediately jumped into action, assessing the woman’s condition and asking if she was on any medication.

The woman told her that she felt dizzy and was on blood thinners, so the store decided to call an ambulance. She stayed with the woman and helped to convince her to stay seated while the Walmart staff sat with her.

The man in this picture, Jason, stopped what he was doing to allow the woman to lean on him as she sat waiting for the ambulance.
While we waited, another man stopped, knelt down and prayed over this woman. What I experienced today was love, kindness, and serving.” She wrote.

She wanted to share the message because as she puts it, “the media doesn’t seem to report this…the unity and the positive that occurs. This right here is real life.”

Hopefully, everyone involved sees that their actions have inspired others to do the same, even if the evening news doesn’t report it.


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