He Woke To Someone Banging On His Front Door, But Realized It Was INCREDIBLY Important

Brian Smith was asleep when a sudden, frantic banging on his front door scared him awake. He was upset – who knocks on a door just after dawn? – only to be completely shocked. Standing at his door was a young teen that he’d never seen before in his life.

I missed the bus and no one will take me to school, I’ve knocked on 3 doors!” The kid said in a rush.

Others had turned him away, but not Smith. He didn’t think twice about grabbing his keys and slipping on his house shoes. 

Smith didn’t know this boy. He didn’t know where he went to school or consider how it might affect his own day. All he cared about was that a young kid asked him for help to get an education, and that mattered the most.

He posted the story on Facebook, snapping a quick picture as the kid rushed in to make it to class. He wanted to share it with his friends, to remind them that education is important.

What he didn’t expect was to go viral in just a few short hours. People were proud of this teen for knocking on stranger’s doors to get to school, and glad that someone finally helped him out.

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