He Saw This Officer Pull Up To The Pump And Open His Backseat! What Happened Next Went VIRAL.

Travis Van Norstan noticed a police car pull up to the pump in front of him at the gas station, which isn’t such a strange sight normally…but when the officer got out of the car and opened the backseat, Travis realized that this wasn’t a normal trip. Instead of filling up his own tank, the officer walks to the back of his squad car and lets someone out. The rest was too good NOT to share!

He’d been on his way home when he realized that there was more to the story.
The man in the back of the car wasn’t a criminal. In fact, he was carrying a bright red gas can! The officer stands at the pump before the man could get to it and swiped his own card at the kiosk, filling the man’s gas can.

He wants to find out who this officer is and thank him by paying the kindness forward. Others shared the story in the hopes that the local news stations might pick it up and spread the good word, too.

He also hopes that the story will inspire others to find ways to do good in their own communities.

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