Fabulous Instagram Grandma Is Absolute Perfection

Helen Van Winkle didn’t let her age stop her doing what she loved and being true to herself. Back in 2014, she created an Instagram account and began to post photos that revealed her incredible personality. Just three years later, she boasts over 3 million followers and counting. She usually goes by her screen name, Baddiewindle. Baddie has graced the covers of magazines and even has a book coming out to share her life’s philosophies. It all started when her granddaughter thought her outfit looked “awful cute” and posted it. The photo went viral with thousands of shares, and Baddiewinkle never stopped. Her normal life was suddenly tipped upside-down. She went from caring for a 6-acre farm in Kentucky to being a role model for millions. She’s approaching 89, but still feels “young at heart,” even though arthritis and hip pain is a constant reminder of how old she is. She doesn’t let it stop her from chasing her next goal, doing the next big thing, and always dressing in funky outfits.
Baddiewinkle hopes that people will be inspired to be who they are regardless of how old they are. Life is short and following your dreams shouldn’t depend on your age.

Her fierce style and bold personality has gotten her invites to the hottest events, and she loves to make a statement wherever she goes! 3.1 million people agree!

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