Abandoned Dog Finds New Purpose In Life As Gas Station Employee

This lovable dog was abandoned one day at a gas station. There wasn’t much in the area except for a construction site, and the dog’s previous owners left him without caring about how he might survive after they left…but little did they know, their unwanted pet had enough charisma to get hired on as an official employee!The dog was spotted wandering around suddenly, but he was too nervous to leave the area, probably thinking that his owners would “be back soon.” The owner, Sabrina Plannerer, immediately took a liking to the dog and began to call him Negao, deciding to adopt him.

We adopted him immediately and got him all the care an animal needs. We bought him food, a dog house, and a leash to take him on a walk.”

Not only did she give him a name, she gave him a purpose by hiring him. He now works as a “greeter,” welcoming visitors with kisses and cuddles. Regulars to the gas station often brings him toys and treats, and he has become a favorite in the new community that popped up around the station.

A nearby charity group uses his picture to prove that just because a dog has been abandoned doesn’t mean it isn’t worthy of a second chance at life!

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