A Stray Mama Cat Gave Birth To This RARE Kitten After Being Attacked On The Beach

Some animals are fighters no matter how bad their situations get, and mama Ocee is no exception. She was spotted on the beach in Florida, and animal control was called to rescue her. She was very small and weighed only 3 pounds…but she had still managed give birth to a litter of kittens and was caring for them as best she could. Once animal control stepped in, they realized that this mama cat was in desperate need of help.

When they examined the mother cat, they found a sharp animal claw embedded into her eye – she had defended her kittens from something – and rescuers knew that she was resilient. They nursed her back to health and began to examine her kittens only to be shocked again! This mother cat had given birth to a male calico!

A male calico is so rare, many veterinarians have only seen one or two over their careers as there is only a 1 in 3,000 chance of a calico cat being a male.
The kitten was named Cohen and immediately treated for a severe eye infection. He wasn’t able to open his eyes when he was rescued but still cozied up to his rescuers, trusting that he was in good hands.

While mama Ocee is too nervous to be around humans, she has cared for her kittens diligently. Over the next three weeks, the family of cats was treated for respiratory infections but have since been deemed recovered!The entire family hopes to find forever homes now that they have recovered from their harrowing beginning!

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